Something delicious for everyone!

grillowany losos na fasoli z jarmuzem  


- 100g white beans
- 100g smoked bacon
- 3-4 leaves kale
- salmon fillets– 4 pieces 120g each
- oil
- Tarsmak dill sauce
- salt, herbal pepper, black pepper, soya sauce to taste

Soak the beans in water for a few hours, then add salt, cook until tender and strain. Slice the bacon and fry in the frying pan until golden-brown in colour. Add the chopped kale leaves and the beans to the bacon, season with herbal pepper and soya sauce, simmer for a while. Sprinkle the salmon with salt and black pepper, drizzle both sides with oil and grill in the frying pan. Transfer the hot beans and the grilled salmon onto a plate and top the whole with the Tarsmak dill sauce.

Enjoy your meal!