Something delicious for everyone!



- 300g pork (shoulder, neck) or poultry
- 3 medium onions
- 2 fresh peppers
- 10 medium champignons
- 150g smoked bacon
- ¼ glass oil
- 3-4 tbsp. soya sauce
- salt, black pepper, sweet and spicy paprika, marjoram, granulated garlic
- Tarsmak PREMIUM garlic sauce

Cut the meat, bacon and peppers into pieces, the onion into eights and leave the champignons uncut. Thread all the ingredients alternately onto skewers. Prepare a marinade out the oil, soya sauce and spices, spread it thoroughly on the skewers and leave the skewers in the fringe for minimum 2 hours. Cook on the electric grill, turning round from time to time. Serve with the Tarsmak PREMIUM garlic sauce.

Enjoy your meal!